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Andrea Bazán

Learn by doing | Passionate about Tech, Code and Ed


Hi! I'm Andrea, peruvian girl based in Mexico city, this year I left my corporate job to redesign my life. I'm a fullstack developer with focus on front-end development, usually working with Ruby, Rails and Javascript ES6.

[-] Conferences

[-] 2019 Goals

🍃 - Reset my habits

📈 - Hit $1k MRR

🚀 - Launch my own development studio

🚢 - Ship 2+ side projects

👩‍💻 - Create resources for women in tech

👩‍🏫 - Working on my mission to teach children how to code

🤓 - Learn React and React Native 📱

📚 - Read 36 books

🏃‍♀️ - Run a marathon

📖 - Self-learn, from each job, class, co-worker, book, article, meetup or life experience

[-] Get in touch

If you have any questions about me or just want to send me a Hi!, look at my social media accounts listed, you can also find me on pinterest and instagram.

Thank you for visiting my site! 💕